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Cos’è il Machine Learning?

Our mission is to transform your ideas into reality
The Fablab Catania is a place in which makers have the opportunity to experiment directly with their ideas. We want to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the growth of their business., offering services, products and customized advice. We are a mix between a workshop and digital lab, and the full title is described as "industry 4.0".

Have you ever heard, at least once in your life, the term Machine Learning? Or terms such as Artificial Intelligence, maybe associated with the words Deep Learning or Neural Network. If you're not escaped hell, but instead you're fascinated and want to learn more we give you a hand to deepen some of the concepts and why not to become competent in this matter. Machine learning, also called machine learning, it takes into account a huge amount of examples, extracts of the schemes to give an explanation and uses them to make predictions on new examples. Knowledge is no longer transferred from a human but it is learnt independently from the machine. Man's task is to define how the program will learn, the data from which will need to learn and, once that learning has reached a satisfying degree, how to use this knowledge to make decisions or automate tasks

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Because we want to talk about Machine Learning?

We want to create a community of people competent on Machine Learning , Catania, because we are convinced that you master this material will be essential in the near future. We think we achieve this goal through dissemination events and training for those who know little; and by welcoming those who already know more; knowledge sharing basic of all and thus increasing the possibilities to carry out projects useful to the community itself.

Some examples of Machine Learning

Have you ever made an online purchase? In the few moments that elapse from when you give the final ok when the payment is made, there is a system of machine learning that ensures that the transition is legitimate. Oh yes! Because, as the payment systems to know if you really you to make the purchase or if it is a criminal digital? It is not like in the store you can request a document or signature. Using a system of machine learning and was trained using a historical of the many transitions that we know to be legitimate and others that we know to be fraudulent. Read other examples.

To whom are they addressed in the seminars?

Anyone can attend our meetings, just sign up and receive the communication of the event. If you have skills and some spare time you can register to become an active member of the community. The group on Facebook is the meeting point. The seminars will be carried out in suitable language to beginners and to those with little experience. If you are at a more advanced level, perhaps a spoleverata knowledge could make you happy, or simply get to know other people who have as you in-depth with the matter. Find out who we are.





We found for the case in a virtual place (guess which one?) and shortly after that also in a real place driven by theinterest to share knowledge on Machine Learning. We realized that in Catania there was a lack of disclosure in the organic on this topic and we set in motion to organize events that would interest newbies and the curious. All are welcome.






PhD in Astrophysics, passionate about data, startups, and...race, Luca has worked as a researcher in Italy, Poland, UK and China, and in the company as a Data Scientist, CTO, CDO, PM, and Mentor for startups, as well as the teacher of Big Data and Machine Learning.


Cofounder and CEO of Idealarm Ltd specializes in the R&D of systems to artificial intelligence and computer vision applied to safety, passionate about entrepreneurial challenges and mentor of some startups.
The founder of one of the most influential social community in the field of Machine Learning: Machine Learning in Italy.

I am a student in the master degree program in computer science, Catania. My hobbies and my passions have turned to the world of 3D to the gaming world, to cooking, to music, to sports and, above all, of course, Machine Learning and data analysis!

My job is to solve problems, most of which I can better with those of the other my. Product Designer and tutor on the 3D modeling and rendering, I created the Fablab Catania, a mix between a workshop and digital lab where anyone can experiment with his ideas.

Other examples of Machine Learning





The combined force of technological developments of computers and algorithms of computer vision, today, allow a computer to analyze in a single day more sheets of x-ray than a radiologist can do in his entire life.

But the quantity is not everything, especially if it is to distinguish between a lymph node of a malignant from a benign. The comparison must therefore include the quality of the work. The computer is able to obtain an accuracy of 92.5%, while the radiologist gets to 96.5%.

When, however, the radiologist and the computer work together, the accuracy rises even to 99.5%. A significant improvement was achieved through Machine Learning.

Do you have Netflix? The web platform with movies and series in streaming, which is threatening the entire world of TV and Film traditional? Behold, their own, back in 2006 they put a prize of 1 million dollars to anyone who was able to improve the performance of their recommendation system of movies.

And what is a recommendation system if you are not a special case of Machine Learning?

In this case, the computer is trained on the data containing the characteristics of the film and user reviews. The goal is to make the computer "understand" what are the movies that can pleasure to each user. Ah, if you are still wondering, the prize was then awarded ;) Even if it took 3 years before someone won!

Machine Learning Day


December 15, 2018 National Institute of Nuclear Physics

General overview on Machine Learning

Image classification with invariant

Speakers: Luca Naso, Nicolò Annino, Simone Scardapane

Simone Scardapane is a research fellow at Sapienza University (Rome), focusing on deep learning. He is actively involved in promoting ML in Italy: he is the co-founder of the Italian Association for Machine Learning and the Machine Learning Meetup in Rome, a member of the PC for Codemotion, and a Google Developer Expert. He is also an active member of several organizations, including the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and the International Neural Networks Society.


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