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Europe has a common culture

How to participate

The participation is free.

We select 10 participants between the ages of 16 and 30 years.

The Submission of the application must be in by 9 may, exclusively through the form on this page. The selected participants will be notified by the 10th day. The workshop will be held on the days listed, from 14:30 to 18.

May 14, workshop, studio and design

May 15, construction of digital parametric design

May 22, the final design of the file

June 20, exposure to Moulins in France (without obligation)

The monument is the object of the workshop made by the Fablab Catania is the Port of king Ferdinand.

Participants will receive a certificate with the skills developed.

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In collaboration with artist vulca Mobility Program this project of the European Community wants to discover the culture of the bourbons and its monuments.

Fablab, Makerspace, and the bourbon dynasty have some aspects in common. The european countries share a long history throughout the continent.
The dynasty of the Bourbons, he left a legacy in common by the 14th century among the european nations by connecting people through the covenant.

Putting the work of the makers of Europe in a unique workshop in its kind you want to play one of the monuments of bourbon are present in the cities of Europe.

Network with other Fablabs and makerspace we will create a workshop that is open to creatives of the city to experience the modeling and 3D printing.

During the workshop will be developed for the following topics: 3D modeling, 3D printing, design.

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The Fablab Catania is a place in which makers have the opportunity to experiment directly with their ideas. We want to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the growth of their business., offering services, products and customized advice. We are a mix between a workshop and digital lab, and the full title is described as "industry 4.0".

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Bourboun Makers Project


Port Ferdinand is a triumphal arch built in 1768 to Catania on a project by Stefano Ittar, and Francis Battle to commemorate the wedding of king Ferdinand III of Sicily and Maria Carolina of Habsburg-Lorraine. We chose it for its function, or better for its "non-function". The arc de triomphe is in fact present in more prti in the world, with different styles and in different eras, to pay tribute or commemorate a victory. In this case the marriage between the rulers of the time.

In addition to this, the characteristic two-tone design makes it, for the city of Catania a precious element of the town's architecture. This monument is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The objective of this workshop is to create a digital reproduction of the monument in the object to be replicated through the system of digital fabrication. In particular, the file must be optimized for 3D printing but can be considered also other machinery such as laser cutting. The final object will be reproduced by the artist vulca Mobility Program and exhibited on June 20, during the final exhibition of the european project.

All skills are welcome! During the days of the workshop we will address the basics of 3D modeling and design. Scomporemo the monument in its basic parts to learning how to make its final production.

14 may: study of the monument structure and decomposition - modeling 3D

15 may: the essential parts as the build - parametric design

22 may: finalization and rendering

Participants will be able to use their laptop. Installed Software: Rhino 6.0, Illustrator. For those who request it is possible to use one of the terminals of the Fablab.

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