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Choose the subscription that's right for you at the Fablab Catania. Discover how easy it is to participate in the digital fabrication.

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Our mission is to transform your ideas into reality
The Fablab Catania is a place in which makers have the opportunity to experiment directly with their ideas. We want to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the growth of their business., offering services, products and customized advice. We are a mix between a workshop and digital lab, and the full title is described as "industry 4.0".

Before use the machines independently must take a training course (cost € 25) both for the use of laser cutting, for the use of the 3D printer. The qualification courses are held on Saturdays from September to may and lasts for 2 hours.

Companies wishing to participate in discounted services and special projects can request an agreement or start a partnership. Just contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.

For access to the spaces of the Fablab Catania will have to subscribe to an insurance card valid for a year and a membership card that will allow you to use the space, machines, services, and expertise of our professionals. Before use the machines independently must take a training course (cost € 25) both for the use of laser cutting, for the use of 3D printers.

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Companies and Professionals

Under 26

Hobbisti, Makers e NCP*

We give support to your ideas through the advisory service. Different areas of expertise, choose what you need to realize your project and explore the possibilities.

Are you a person curious about the DIY? You're handy, some tools and want to learn a new one? You are fascinated by new technologies?

You have a business to launch? You need to create functional prototypes? You need support to improve communication with your audience? Do you want eye-catching graphics and copy effective?


We make ourselves known!

Here are the reviews written by some the participants in the Fablab Catania

Insurance Card

Insurance of the risks arising from the exercise of the activity € 20 annual

Enabling 3D printing or laser cutting


Workshop machinery € 25/course



We study together a solution from focus, designed to measure company.


Contact us: via phone at 095506454 or fill out the form.

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Subscriptions Makers

Architects, engineers, designers, but also carpenters, tailors, inventors,... A real space in which to be able to access the use of technologies to realize your projects as you have them designed. It is a place that combines the features of reproducibility and accuracy of the industry and the uniqueness of the product and on the extent of the craft.

  • 1 month, €80
  • Workstation coworking
  • Access to the FabLab throughout the year from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 19:00
  • Wi-Fi internet access included
  • Registration for courses Fablab paid and free (discounts for members)
  • Use machines DIY or service (cutting vinyl, sewing machines, 3D printers, FDM, laser cutting) in accordance with the tariff.

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We want your ideas to become real and tangible.

  • 1 month, €25
  • Tour of the tools / electronics
  • Access to the FabLab throughout the year during opening hours to the public
  • Wi-Fi internet access included
  • Chance to register for the free workshops and fee (discounts for members).
  • Use machines DIY or service (cutting vinyl, sewing machines, 3D printers, FDM, laser cutting) according to the tariff
  • The use of a free coworking space, when available to complete your projects with a professional software.

You can get to know others who like you are curious of the mechanics, robotics, electronics and art.

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Machinery Rates

€ 8/hour material included 
€ 15/hour material included
3D Printer
€ 10/hour material included
€ 25 /hour material included
Sewing machine
€ 6/hour
€ 15/ hour
€1/min+ €10 starter
€ 1,30/min + € 15 starter
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