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Our machinery CO2 laser is able to cut fabric, leather, fabrics, paper, cardboard, paper, and many plastics. It is also suitable for laser engraving a variety of materials such as wood, leather, fabric, glass, mirror and metal materials, anodized or painted, and many plastics.


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Our mission is to transform your ideas into reality
The Fablab Catania is a place in which makers have the opportunity to experiment directly with their ideas. We want to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the growth of their business., offering services, products and customized advice. We are a mix between a workshop and digital lab, and the full title is described as "industry 4.0".

How does it work a laser cutter?

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These machines use a source that is CO2 powered, that is “activated” with physical processes. Once enabled, the source of CO2 is directed through a system of mirrors in the laser head, and, with the help of compressed air, channeled into a beam small which is what size the material.
The power, controlled by the operator of the source CO2 and the pressure of the compressed air favor the cutting of very thin material but thick (up to a few cm depending on the power of the machine).


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- menu and tablecloth for restaurants. The tablecloths are usually all the same why not create a unique décor with little expense? and maybe add the logo of the restaurant.

- key rings, pendants, components for bijou. A game of colors, if made of plexiglass, to be combined among them to create exclusive objects.

- modelling. Cuts balsa wood, or plywood. The parts can then be glued or stuck.

- art panels in glass, wood, plexiglas. Tiles engraved to compose a drawing before being laid.

- cutting and engraving on leather. Handbags, shoes, jewelry...there is no limit to the creativity.
- lettering to decorate the private rooms and offices. Written for signs. Material plexiglas.

- Precise cutting of fabrics at the maximum speed. The high accuracy and extraordinary speed are two major advantages of laser cutting fabrics. No other procedure engraves or cuts the tissue in so short a time and with such precision. Cutting patterns and custom engraving.
- engraves logos on promotional items custom of different materials. Metal, plastic, fabrics, you can make incisions to laser in a few minutes. The gadget engraved are typical advertising tools.
- Greeting cards, wedding invitations. The card stock of any color is engraved with different powers to give a feeling of depth. Also, it is cut to create delicate traceries. Perfect for postcards type the pop-up.

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The laser cutter can produce objects that are both functional and beautiful. His versatility and his ability to cut a wide range of materials with high precision, allows anyone to quickly go into production with its projects.


Check out all the affiliate programs to Fablab Catania. Included in the subscription, the workshops are practical to use machinery to the shared support for your first few times, a fixed workstation in order to arrange your files and much more! You will have the opportunity to master the secrets of the laser cutting through our laboratory and basic rent our machine to start experimenting. You can share as well as you can keep your ideas private, in both cases, you'll find the Fablab ready to give you support.



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